BIG News Flash – Small Stuff Sale Rev-2!

Peru, Ma. – April 2019


OK, the Berkshire Insulator Gallery(BIG) curators have admitted they are in over their heads and need to cut back.  When this whole thing started it was to save some of the history of where I was working from being thrown out, you can see the history of the outside displays and stuff on the BIG web site in the Old News list.  Then I got hooked up with the Insulator Collectors On the Net(ICON) and found others who  were interested in some of what I had rescued.  That resulted in trading BIG stuff for small stuff which was never properly cataloged or displayed.  It also got me to buy 2 collections from local people who had to sell out to get ready to sell their houses. 


The latest purchase more than doubled the size of the small stuff accumulation.  So this winter the curators bought some books and software and while the assistant curator was nursing a bum knee had me catalog all the small stuff.  Unfortunately this process showed just how unmanageable this collection would be for the available display areas.  So the decision was made to sell off all the small stuff.


I tried to sell it as one big lot, but that hasn’t worked, so now it’s being broken down into smaller pieces.  So far I have sold 2 porcelain pieces, and given a friend a half dozen scratch and dent glass pieces for decorating a shelf.  I have also gone through the glass and removed 30 more scratch and dent common pieces.  In the on-line inventory and the Excel file the scratch and dent and sold pieces have their rows colored…  Yellow for Scratch and Dent that I’ll dispose of separately, or Blue for pieces that are Sold or given away.  In the U-Porcelain inventory there are several of the larger pieces that I have put on my outdoor display, those could be included with the rest of the porcelain if desired, otherwise they can stay in the display area.


There is an inventory available as:

  1. Google Sheet
  2. Excel Workbook
  3. Three CSV files: glass_cd.csv, glass_other.csv, porc_u.csv
  4. If you are seriously interested and can’t read any of them ask for a format you can read.


Just fair warning, I am far from an expert when it comes to these CD and U classification systems so some of the identifications and colors may be off a bit.  I tried to add question marks to the ones that I was really confused about or the most unsure of, but I’m sure there are some that are wrong.  My philosophy was that if there were two or more possible identifications for something I would take the lowest priced one from the book.  I did try to add descriptions of interesting features and damage for all of them, if there is nothing under ‘Flaws’ then they are probably in pretty good shape… My guess of what ‘Near Minty’ might be at least.


Note on porcelain stuff… there are two of the inventoried pieces that I have many pieces of, you may have as many of those duplicate pieces as you would like.  These have ‘EPRI Salvage’ in the Notes column.


As of this writing most of the insulators are in boxes that were cut down to make them easy to sort and stack.  You can have the boxes if you want them to go with the insulators, I also have a bunch of packing stuff for padding that was used to transport from the last collection’s location.


There are still other things for sale or trade in the older BIG catalog.  That includes the OB and Chance ‘EPRI Salvage’ pieces that I have a bunch of.


Below I will break down the groupings I would like to keep together and describe what is in them…
I would like to keep this glass together, this includes a bunch of them in boxes separated by manufacturer, and a group of miscellaneous manufacturers on a shelf as shown below.  These are all described in the glass_cd.csv file or the ‘Glass CD’ pages in the on-line or Excel spreadsheets.  I would like to get $300 for the whole lot and won’t ship them.



These are the two boxes of scratch and dent stuff that is available free for picking it up.  In the on-line or Excel spreadsheet these are colored yellow, in the csv file they were removed.


Really rough lightning rod pieces.  These are in the spreadsheets under Glass Other and in the glass_other.csv file.  I would ship these for $20 to anyone who really wants them.

These are the small porcelain in boxes.  These are described in the   porc_u.csv file or on the U Porcelain pages in the Excel or on-line spreadsheets.  Not included in these are the large ones that have been moved to the Outside Display as noted in the Location column of the spreadsheets.  Also not included are the two Imperial Porcelain Works that I will offer separately below.  I would take $100 for these boxes and as many of the Outside Display ones as you want if you come pick them up.


The front row on the board are the Outside Display pieces that are listed in the spreadsheets.  Behind them are some multi-parts that I would also consider selling separately if you want to come get them.


These are the two Imperial Porcelain Works pieces I have separated from the rest of the batch because I think they are neat.  The one on the left is #59 in the U Porcelain listing.  I would let that one go for $20 plus postage.  The one on the right is #88 in the U Porcelain listing.  I would let that one go for $75 plus postage.



Now for the odd stuff…


Some radio strains and a British guy wire ball.  The glass pieces are in the Glass Other page of the spreadsheets or the glass_other.csv file.  I would ship these for $25 plus postage.


A group of hard plastic insulators.  You can have the whole lot for $5 plus postage or pick up here.  These are not in any of the spreadsheets.

Black rubber insulators.  You can have the whole lot for $5 plus shipping or pick up here.  These are not in any of the spreadsheets.


A bunch of small porcelain stuff (yes, I know there are 2 stoppers in the box).  Pick up here for $10, or I’ll ship for $20 plus postage cost because of all the pieces to wrap up… These are not in the spreadsheets.


Porcelain screw in pieces.  These are not in the spreadsheets.  Some are missing their screws and some have paint on them.  Pick up here for $10, if you really want them shipped I could do that but it’s going to cost you because of all the wrapping and a heavy box that I probably don’t have.


A porcelain bushing if anyone is interested.  This is not in the spreadsheets.  $10 plus shipping if you want it shipped.


Porcelain spools.  These are not in the spreadsheets either.  $20 for the group picked up, shipping these would be expensive also as I know I don’t have a box adequate for them and they would take a bit of packing but ask if you are serious.