BIG News Flash

Peru, Ma. - 29 Aug 2005

Saturday August 27th was a banner day at the Berkshire Insulator Gallery (BIG).  The Yankee Clipper Contest Club, a ham radio club with members throughout New England and New York, held a picnic and club meeting at BIG.  The picnic was held at the Berkshire Insulator Gallery Annex Soda Shop (BIGASS) on the Berkshire Insulator Gallery Insulator Decorated Elevated Annex (BIGIDEA) under the Berkshire Insulator Gallery Temporary Overhead Protection (BIGTOP) to protect from the strong sun that day. 

Copious amounts of food and drink were consumed by the dozens of attendees.  There were also enough leftovers that the staff will be well fed for a week or more.  Attendees included three visitors from Russia, including two that came all the way from central Siberia. 


As part of the activities walking tours of the Berkshire Insulator Gallery and the radio facilities were conducted.  Tours of the Berkshire Insulator Gallery included stops at the Berkshire Insulator Gallery Development, Engineering & Analysis Lab (BIGDEAL), Berkshire Insulator Gallery Maintenance And Manufacturing Area (BIGMAMA), and Berkshire Insulator Gallery  Demonstration And Display  Development Yard (BIGDADDY), as well as visiting the main display area of course. 

There was of course plenty of radio operating going on.  Operators chatted with hams around the world and logged many contacts in the Ohio QSO Party, an event aimed at contacting as many hams as possible in Ohio that day.  There were also those who tried to see what there were for fish in the pond that the BIGIDEA overlooks.  Unfortunately the biggest fish caught is the one pictured here.  More pictures can be seen at 


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