BIG News Flash Happy New Year!

Peru, Ma. - 31 January 2005


It may be winter but the BIG Staff is still hard at work.  The security staff is on guard 24 hours a day to protect the displays against intruders (mostly 4 legged this time of year).  And tours are still available if you happen to catch the staff outside or call ahead. 


Also, four new insulators were received recently which needed to be cataloged and added to the display. The new insulators included two multi-part porcelain post insulators and two older  suspension insulators.  They can be viewed on the BIG web site in the catalog as items PBL9, PB19, and on the new multi-part page as MP1 and MP2.  One of the suspensions has an interesting spider hardware attachment, the other is a smaller version of the one with separate hardware.

The multi-part porcelains are predecessors of the Locke post insulators in the catalog.  The differences are the lack of a metal cap and cemented in post.  These were made to be screwed onto a pin for mounting on a pole.  And they have a typical flange on top for supporting a wire and tying it down.  The oldest one was probably produced between 1910 and 1920 by the Taylor Insulator Company.



The BIG website is now on a new server.  This should allow you to bookmark individual pages and adds the possibility of new capabilities for the future such as a searchable database.  This also will permit the BIG webcam to run full time.  Visit the BIG web site year round at  Previous news releases and a calendar of upcoming events are included as well as a live BIG Webcam.