BIG News Flash

Peru, Ma. - 21 Oct 2005


While it may not be the peak of the insulator viewing season the staff at the Berkshire Insulator Gallery (BIG) is not resting.  After short but intense negotiations a trade of several of the gallery’s duplicate insulators was arranged with another collector.  So far this has resulted in three new additions to the collection.


Included in this first set of post-EPRI acquisitions is this brightly colored ‘Carnival’ glass Pyrex suspension insulator.  This may be the oldest item in the collection as it is dated in 1941.  More photos can be seen in the gallery’s catalog on the web site on the Glass page under index number GC-3.



Another addition was this deep dish suspension that is similar to but smaller than another one in the collection.  This one is interesting in that it has no internal skirts, it is just a single large and rather thick glass piece.  This and the other green glass piece are now in the catalog under the index numbers GG-10 and GG-11.



The staff is also hard at work winterizing the gallery.  The summer bird bath displays have been drained and winterized.  And the staff is considering installing the Berkshire Insulator Gallery Temporary Overhead Protection (BIGTOP) over the Berkshire Insulator Gallery 

Demonstration And Display  Development Yard (BIGDADDY) to protect the spare display materials stored there for the winter.  It is doubtful that this is really needed though since most of the specimens were stored outside for many years in the past anyway.



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