BIG News Flash

Peru, Ma. - 4 Aug 2005


The construction of the structural framework in the main display area is now complete.  The construction crew was working overtime in the cooler weather early this week to get this huge undertaking undertaken before the heat overtook them.  Now that its over with they are about ready for the undertaker.  Most of the work had to be completed early in the morning or in the evening due to the exposed nature of the site.  The extremely high temperatures developed on steel end fittings and brown porcelain in the sun also contributed to the heat problems.  As a reward for their dedicated work the administrator rewarded the construction crew with an extra ration of rum and kibble.


While waiting for the sun to get out of the way the cataloging of the initial display collection was completed.   Top, side, and interesting highlights of the insulators are now available on the Berkshire Insulator Gallery (BIG) website.  The catalog also includes insulator markings to aid identification.   Also constructed this week was a long term storage area for spare insulators that won’t fit in the display area.  Still to be completed are the installation of the suspension insulators in the display area and the landscaping around the area.



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