BIG News Flash

Peru, Ma. - 1 Aug 2005


Major progress has been made on the main display area at the Berkshire Insulator Gallery (BIG).  There was some delay in getting materials delivered, but it all worked out well as it was too hot to work on it for a while anyway.  Now that the ground work has been completed the construction of the main display area is progressing well.  Due to an over dump by the gravel truck the main display area was able to be enlarged and still have enough gravel left over to improve the parking lot a bit.  A period of cooler weather has helped the construction crew catch back up after work had to be slowed during the recent heat wave.

In preparation for the main display area completion the curators of the gallery’s collection have started their final selection of display specimens.  Over 50 different suspension insulators have been selected for the initial viewing in the main display area.  Insulators by Ohio Brass, Pinco, Lapp, Sediver, Locke, NGK (Japan), Santana (Brasil) and GE will be on display.  The collection includes clear and green glass insulators as well as white, gray, blue, violet, and many shades of brown porcelain.  Included in the display are two odd upside down cap and pin type suspension insulators.  A photo inventory is being readied for the BIG web site and tour book to help visitors identify the insulators.


With the installation of the Berkshire Insulator Gallery Temporary Overhead Protection (BIGTOP) over the Berkshire Insulator Gallery Insulator Decorated Elevated Annex (BIGIDEA) and the Berkshire Insulator Gallery Annex Soda Shop (BIGASS) the cook has been working overtime to produce extra ice so the BIGASS will be ready in time for the upcoming events.


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