BIG News Flash – Tree Trimming!

Peru, Ma. – July 2012


The Curator is starting to attack the main display area now.  Today a local crew came in to cut trees that were threatening the Berkshire Insulator Gallery Maintenance and Manufacturing Area (BIG MAMA).  The Curator of course had to closely supervise the operation so the insulators stored in the Berkshire Insulator Gallery Demonstration And Display Development Yard (BIGDADDY) weren’t damaged.








While they were at it they removed the last tree that has been blocking the clear view from the webcam.  Here are the before and after views from the webcam.  Now you can enjoy an unobstructed view of the main display area year round, well, at least when the sun is out…












The ugly pine trees behind the Berkshire Insulator Gallery Development, Engineering, and Analysis Laboratory (BIG DEAL) were also removed to allow more sun into the main display area in the winter to help melt off the frequent ice and snow more quickly.  This will also open up the area for future development and easier maintenance by the grounds crew.








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