BIG News Flash – IEEE Visit and More!

Peru, Ma. – October 2011


October was a big month for the Gallery.  After getting settled in over the summer the new curator moved ahead with his aggressive plan of community outreach while also doing some remodeling of the facilities.

The remodeling started by replacing the old carpet and furniture in the reception area off the Insulator Decorated Elevated Annex(BIG IDEA).  Here he can be seen inspecting the installation.  Note that from this location he can overlook the main display area, the BIG IDEA, and also the inside display on the shelves behind the couch.






The Power Chapter of the local section of the IEEE came to visit the Gallery.  Here the curator is greeting the guests as they are gathering for their tour at the main display.  They went on from here to inspect the solar panel installation then went inside for lunch and a lively discussion about solar power and other things.




The curator was also keeping his eyes out for unique acquisitions to add to the Gallery display areas.  He found a whole new area of hardware to expand into, the Fuse Cutout.  This is his first specimen, not in very good shape, but an interesting early piece by Pass & Seymour.   It would have likely been used strapped to a crossarm on a pole with the handle down.  The removable handle has a lead wire replaceable fuse element. 











On top of all that the curator also had to deal with a record breaking snow that put the BIG IDEA out of business for a while.  Here is the curator inspecting the BIG IDEA on Saturday night while the snow was still falling.   Approximately 2’ of snow fell Saturday and over night.







Fortunately the Annex Soda Shop (BIG ASS) had been planning ahead for feeding the weekend guests and had done all the necessary grill work before the snow started on Saturday.  This is the chef station for the BIG ASS on Sunday.  It is clearly out of action for a while.  This forced the guests who were operating the CQWW SSB contest that weekend to rough it inside. 




Here the Curator is trying to work his way out to the main display area on Sunday morning.   The snow seemed nice and light on the top, but underneath it was pretty heavy.  It took a couple of hours for the grounds crew to clear the parking area, and broke 2 shear pins on the snow blower.




The Curator had to work hard to rally the grounds crew to blow the snow out of the parking area and remove snow from the guests cars so they could get out on Sunday night.  Notice that he is absent at this point, he must have been out recruiting more helping hands.  Fortunately the weather warmed up and almost all the snow was gone in a week.







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