BIG News Flash – New Curator!

Peru, Ma. – 13 August 2011


After the untimely passing of Lucky, the founding curator of BIG! a nationwide search was undertaken to find a worthy replacement to fill his shoes, ummm, well his collar anyway.  After interviewing the candidates a successor was chosen.  His management style is very high energy and paws on.  His name is Pablo and he came from New York City via North Adams, he has experience with dumpster diving which should fit in well with the recent acquisition methods used to fill the BIG! displays.


Here he is inspecting the Shades Of Grey Exhibit… or is he looking at a squirrel?  In any case he did a thorough inspection of the facilities and got right to work.  The first order of business was to improve the visibility of the BIG! main display from the webcam.  This required some heavy construction equipment to remove the large rock pile that was in the way.  Below is some of the construction under way.  This should make the main display area much easier to see from the webcam.  



The rocks that were removed from this spot and others around the facility were donated to a family down the road that wanted to build a rock wall.  This is part of Pablo’s community outreach project to help build better relations with the surrounding community.


These are some of Pablo’s first acquisitions.  These BIG! insulators were found in a dumpster and quickly extracted and transported to the display area.  After some cleanup they will be added to the permanent display.


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