BIG News Flash – Gate Shut!

Peru, Ma. – September 2013


Summer is almost over with no really BIG changes… until the curator decided that something really had to be done with some of the BIG’s recent acquisitions.  So with some left over pieces of other stuff the grounds crew threw together the Berkshire Insulator Gallery Grass Access Termination Enabler (BIGGATE).  Here is the curator inspecting the almost finished product.  The light blue coloration was a bit of a surprise when you look at the dirt accumulation on an un-cleaned example of that insulator being inspected by the curator.



Another spring project is starting to bear some fruit, well flowers at least.  To enhance the curbside appeal the curator directed that daylilies be planted in the recently cleared areas around the entrance to the BIG parking lot.  There have been some flowers though not many yet.  It is hoped that next year they will fill in a bit more.  The curator is looking over one of the last remaining blossoms.

Fortunately before the curator could decide if it was time to return to a gray or brown color scheme for autumn it started to rain so the grounds crew was spared for the day.







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