BIG News Flash – Fall Cleanup

Peru, Ma. – November 2012


The Curator has implemented his big cleanup plans for the Berkshire Insulator Gallery Demonstration And Display Development Yard (BIGDADDY).  After the tree removal earlier in the summer and much more cleanup around BIGDADDY it was finally time to really clean it up.  Here is the first step after all the insulators were dug out from under the dead leafs and other debris.  The old shingle and landscape cloth base was still good, but the Curator was afraid that if the insulators were just put back on it they would end up covered again next year.



Below are the insulators that had been buried under the debris.





So an order went out for some heavy building materials.  The result was to get the insulators up on shelves which should help keep them available year round instead of getting lost under dead leafs and snow drifts.  Here the Curator is in front of the new storage shelves… but he wasn’t done yet, he was already looking forward to update the main display.  The Shades of Gray exhibit was getting kind of old, so it was time to do something more seasonal.




This is what the Curator came up with for the main display, a seasonal color coordinated collection.  This shows a range of colors from pumpkin through pie crust brown and deep caramel browns.  He did have to promise not to try to do a collection of grays again when the snow starts falling.



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