BIG News Flash – Assistant Curator!

Peru, Ma. – September 2017


Due to other commitments the curator hasn’t been able to spend as much time on the displays as he wanted to so the last couple years have mostly just been used to keep everything clean.  However there have been a few minor acquisitions and some other work needed to be done so an assistant has been hired to help out. 


This shows the Curator, Pablo, introducing his new assistant, Hank, to the Berkshire Insulator Gallery Demonstration And Display Development Yard (BIGDADDY).  BIGDADDY which had been temporarily moved when the Berkshire Insulator Gallery Maintenance And Manufacturing Area (BIGMAMA) was stained a couple years ago.  Now a dead tree was threatening the temporary location so it had to be moved back where it belonged. 



Here Hank is jumping right in and inspecting the materials being recycled to be sure they were adequate.  He was convinced and construction continued until all the insulators were safely stored away in the relocated BIGDADDY.



Here both the Curator and his assistant inspect the completed relocation of BIGDADDY.   This should keep the insulators clean and ready for sale, trade, or display use until the next time the BIGMAMA needs to be stained.





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