BIG News Flash –New Exhibit!

Peru, Ma. – 5 July 2010



While supervising the grounds crew doing their spring cleanup, just a little later than usual due to other projects, the curator thought back to the BIG blizzard of the previous winter.  Remembering how clean the white snow looked while covering the display area and hiding all the brightly colored glass, and dark glazed porcelain, the curator had an epiphany and started barking orders… well, maybe he was barking at a chipmunk, but the grounds crew got the point anyway.


So, just in time for the hoards of visitors expected to make the pilgrimage across the state from the National Insulator Association’s annual convention, a new display was created.  The curator demanded a light box be built to house the exhibit, but the best the grounds crew could  do was to wash some of the dirt off the backdrop and limit viewing time to when the sun was favorably positioned.

The new ‘Shades of Gray’ exhibit brings together the biggest of the BIG’s white through dark gray porcelain objects.  This includes a wide range of suspensions, including a rare upside down one.  There are also large and small posts and a multi-part suspension.  This is truly an international exhibit with pieces from Japan’s NGK to Brazil’s Santana.  There are of course many from LAPP, OB, GE, and Locke among the collection.