BIG News Flash – Blizzard Buries BIG!

Peru, Ma. – 24 Feb 2010



After several near misses from recent storms the Berkshire Insulator Gallery (BIG) finally got hit by a big one.  About 18” of snow plus a bit of drifting from this and earlier snows has buried a large part of the main display area.  This will force the closing of the gallery for the near future since much of the display can’t be seen. 



Here the Curator is returning from inspecting the displays and the efforts of the ground crew to clear the parking area.  He is satisfied with the accessibility of the parking area but couldn’t even get into the display area to inspect it closer.  Even his quarters had to be closed temporarily.



The ground crew was able to use the Berkshire Insulator Gallery Blower (BIG-B) to clear access to the Berkshire Insulator Gallery Tank (BIG-T) in case a delivery was needed to fuel the new Berkshire Insulator Gallery Backup Battery Booster(BIGBBB).


While this guarantees that the facilities will remain heated and lit even the Berkshire Insulator Gallery Insulator Decorated Elevated Annex (BIGIDEA) and the Berkshire Insulator Gallery Annex Soda Shop (BIGASS) will also have to remain closed as access to them is also blocked for the time being.