BIG News Flash – Well not really…

Peru, Ma. – 4 Oct 2009

BIG is continuing to grow and branch out.  New displays of hardware and cables, including a REALLY BIG hunk of conductor and hardware was just added.  This display shows a piece of large aluminum conductor with bolt on end fittings, vibration dampeners, an insulator attachment, and corona rings.  The post insulator is just there because there are no supports above it to properly suspend the cable from.  Hardware and cable were donated by the local EPRI lab staff to help improve the BIG displays.  BIG thanks them for their continuing support.


The BIG staff is now getting the main display area cleaned up and ready for winter.  The main display area has been cleaned up, summer acquisitions are getting stored away in safe places for the winter, and extra hardware has been moved to the Berkshire Insulator Gallery Development, Engineering & Analysis Lab (BIGDEAL).   Here the curator has crawled out of his sick bed to inspect the cleanup progress.  This bag of plastic distribution insulators was getting ready to be stored in the BIGDEAL for the winter along with the supply of pole top pins.


 Some of the pole top pins are being evaluated for outside distribution displays.



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