BIG News Flash Happy 1st Birthday!

Peru, Ma. 19 Jul 2006



Who would have expected it, but it has been a full year since the official ground breaking for BIG!  And what a year it has been!  In the last 12 months BIG has gone from a random pile of transmission line suspension and post insulators to a growing display area for insulators of all kinds.  The displays now include a wide variety of insulators including old glass and porcelain specimens that are now on special inside displays until permanent locations can be prepared for them.


The main display area also shows off some of the larger acquisitions made during the last year.  There are several multi-part porcelain and other larger suspensions on display.  All the new items have been received in


trade for some of the BIG duplicate holdings, and more are on the way even now.  Unfortunately the web site catalog is a bit out of date because of the large number of new items, some of which are being seen for the first time in this news letter.









The BIG staff is constantly inspecting the collection and  looking for interesting new things to do with it.   Here the curator is taking a close look at one of the main display racks that shows off a variety of suspension and post insulators. 


Again this month the BIG IDEA will host the Yankee Clipper Contest Club Western Massachusetts area picnic.  The BIG TOP and BIG ASS are already being prepared to handle the crowd and all the other displays are being spruced up for the event.


Visit the BIG web site year round at  Previous news releases and a calendar of upcoming events are included as well as a live BIG Webcam.